Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lights Camera ACTION!

Here's my mid-week post. I've finally got this stuff down, I think. LOL! I found this AWESOME person (Dina - ) to create my watermark and siggy line...Cute, HUH!?! She did such a wonderful job! I feel so professional now. LOL!

Another great thing this week is that my DH built me this wonderful light box to take pics of my cards for me. OMG - I couldn't have asked for anything better. It's small and compact and it's light enough that I can carry it anywhere in the house and even outdoors! He is the MAN!

Well off to work on my next Mojo Monday challenge.

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toners said...

Your siggie looks great!!

Kim said...

Love your signature line and your watermark! :) And that light box is amazing!!! What a fabulous hubby you have! Does he have measurements and a list of supplies he used?...I would love to give my hubby info and have him make me one!
Hugs~ Kim